Rihanna Shows Off Her Incredible Abs and Legs in Black Bikini Video on Instagram

While most of us are starting to break out their winter coats, Rihanna is stripping down to a bikini—and looking incredible while doing so.  The singer, 31, shared a video of herself yesterday rocking a black bikini with an equally sexy sheer robe while walking to the pool, and within a day, it (unsurprisingly) received […]

This Woman Claims Porn and Adult Meetup Sites Have Given Her Body Confidence

Self-confidence can be achieved in many ways, and for some people, it takes the help of extra words of encouragement from others to truly appreciate their body size and shape. That support can come in some unconventional places. Growing up, Regan (whose last name has been omitted for privacy reasons) says that it was hard […]

Suzanne Somers Shares a Photo in Her Birthday Suit to Ring in Her 73rd Birthday

When it comes to being sexy, age is just a number—and Suzanne Somers has proved that this week. The actress, who celebrated her 73rd birthday on October 16, shared a naked photo of herself on Instagram to commemorate the milestone—and it’s seriously inspiring her fans.  On Wednesday, Somers posted the photo of herself squatting naked in a […]

Meteorologist Claps Back at Body Shamer Who Tells Her to Cover Her ‘Bulge’: ‘I Like My Body’

As a meteorologist for KSDK News in St. Louis, Tracy Hinson is far more concerned about sharing the latest weather news than how she looks while she does it. But the newscaster found herself fighting back against a body shamer who said that Hinson that needs to cover her stomach “bulge” when she’s on-air. The […]

‘Boy Meets World’ Star Danielle Fishel Speaks Out About Her Son’s Rare Condition, Chylothorax

Danielle Fishel, aka Topanga on Boy Meets World, just opened up about feeling something that many new moms experience—"mom guilt"—and how her son's medical condition only exacerbated the problem for her.  In a new essay for Good Morning America, Fishel, 38, wrote about the stressful events that happened after her son Adler's birth on June 24 […]

This Mom’s 2 Kids Busted Into the Bathroom While She Was on the Toilet—And You Have to See Her Emotional Response

Taking care of young children while also getting enough alone time is one of the hardest things about being a mom. Influencer and mother-of-two Sara Wanselm knows just how hard it can be to keep it all together. Yet she recently learned a powerful lesson when a tiny moment she took for herself was interrupted by her kids.  On […]

Is This Shoe Pink or Gray—and Can Your Answer Really Tell You Anything About Your Brain?

The viral shoe from 2017 is back, and it's breaking the internet once again.  The sneaker in the photo is obviously gray and teal…or most definitely pink and white, depending on who you ask. Lizzo, for one, says she sees gray and teal.  “I SEE GREY & TEAL BUT MY WHOLE TEAM SEES PINK & WHITE HELP,” the pop […]

Why Would Someone Poop in a Public Bathroom and NOT Flush? We’ve Got Answers

Introducing Health's new column, Why Would Someone Do That? Here, psych experts decipher the reasons behind the most puzzling human behavior mysteries. It’s your worst office nightmare: You’ve stumbled through the first few hours of work thanks to three cups from the Keurig, checked to make sure that no one’s stolen your lunch, and finally wandered into the […]

This Man Had a 3-Inch Pair of Tweezers Stuck in His Urethra—But Showed No Symptoms for 4 Years

A 22-year-old man recently presented to an emergency room in Saudi Arabia for a highly unusual reason: He admitted to having inserted tweezers into his urethra four long years ago. According to a May 2019 report in Urology Case Reports that's now gone viral, attending physicians were surprised not only by the placement of the three-inch tweezers, but […]

Miracle Baby Born With Brain Outside of Skull Believed to Be First to Survive Rare Condition

A New Jersey family who was told their son wouldn't survive past birth are now celebrating their seven-month-old miracle baby. During her 10-week ultrasound, Maria Santa Maria's unborn son, Lucas, was diagnosed with a rare defect that would cause him to be born with his brain outside of his skull—a condition known as exencephaly. He's believed to be the first […]