College Admissions Scandal: A Psychologist Explains Why a Parent Would Cheat and Lie to Get Their Kids Into School

If you remember how damn hard you worked to get into college and how stressed you were as you waited to see where you would be accepted, then you must certainly have strong feelings about the recent college admissions scandal. Fifty people, including Full House actress Lori Loughlin and Desperate Housewives' Felicity Huffman, were charged earlier this week in a $25 million bribery scheme […]

Surgeon from I Am Jazz Fired After Posting Photos of Trans Patients’ Genitals on Instagram

A University of Miami Health System surgeon has been fired after sharing photos of his transgender patients’ genitals on Instagram. Dr. Christopher John Salgado, who is certified in plastic surgery in Florida and consulted with TLC star Jazz Jennings regarding her gender confirmation surgery on an episode of I Am Jazz, served as the section […]

Health Launches a New Wellness Series Just for Alexa Users

With Balance by Health you no longer have to scroll through your social media feeds to find health and wellness inspiration. The editors of Health, in collaboration with Shape, Cooking Light, and Eating Well, are coming right to your living room (or kitchen or bathroom) via your Alexa. This new Alexa skill will help you […]

This Man Came Down With a Life-Threatening Infection From Cleaning His Ear With a Cotton Swab

As innocent as they look sitting on your bathroom counter, cotton swabs can actually do more damage than you realize. A man in the U.K. developed a potentially life-threatening infection in his skull after the tip of a cotton swab got stuck inside his ear without him realizing. A report published in the BMJ tells […]

A Nurse Explains the Scientific Reason You Believe Everything Your Doctor Says

Going to the doctor can be downright nerve-wracking. There you are in a thin gown on the exam room table waiting for your physician, who finally rushes in. After you anxiously rattle the symptoms you can remember, she checks you over, maybe asks a question or two, then gives you a diagnosis or tells you what the next steps […]

The Expensive and Dangerous Hack Rich People Are Using to Try and Live Forever

Aaron Traywick, the 28-year-old CEO of a small biotech company, stunned an audience when he dropped his trousers and plunged a needle full of an untested herpes “cure” into his thigh at a live-streamed conference in early 2018. Many have marked Traywick’s stunt as the moment that pulled the conversation about “biohacking” out of garages […]

Moms Strip Down and Get Real About Their Postpartum Bodies in Stunning Campaign 

When you've just had a baby, the last thing you should be forced to thinking about is losing weight. Yet, society puts a lot of pressure on women to "bounce back" to their pre-baby bodies—something British maternity brand Mothercare is officially over. Their new campaign, #BodyProudMums, features unretouched photos of 10 women flaunting their scars, […]

These Photos of Plus-Size Asian Women Smizing Poolside Are EVERYTHING

Being a plus-size Filipina woman, I rarely see myself represented in any of the ads for the limited number of places I can shop. The body positivity movement is definitely gaining traction, but perfectly airbrushed white women with hourglass figures still dominate the conversation. When brands actually make an effort to diversify their campaigns, Asian women […]

Model Born Without Forearm Faces Her Fear of Marriage and Stars on Say Yes to the Dress: I ‘Learned to Love Myself First’

Rebekah Marine never thought she’d get married. Marine, a 32-year-old model, was born without a right forearm and spent most of her childhood ashamed of being different. With that, any dreams of marriage she had as a little girl were clouded by her fear of taking wedding photos. “I remember thinking about being at the […]

Iskra Lawrence Shared a Compelling Message About Body Dysmorphia and Disordered Eating

We all know Iskra Lawrence for breaking down society's standards of beauty and encouraging people to strive for happiness, not a number on the scale. The body-positive role model has appeared in countless Aerie campaigns with zero retouching and is always posting inspirational and motivational messages on the 'gram. In her most recent post, in […]