News Anchor Nina Harrelson Responds to Body Shamer ‘We Are Not Your Eye Candy’

Nina Harrelson, a news anchor for WREG-TV in Memphis, is standing up to body shamers.  On Sunday, Harrelson took to Facebook to open up about an interaction she had with a stranger. While her experience sounds like it was incredibly frustrating, her response was a major statement about the reality of the types of criticism professional […]

Nurse Adopts Man with Autism so He Can Have Life-Saving Heart Transplant

An ICU nurse from Georgia adopted a 27-year-old man just two days after meeting him so he could fulfill the requirements for a life-saving heart transplant. When Jonathan Pinkard fell ill last year, he was taken to Piedmont Newman Hospital, where doctors discovered he needed a heart transplant. If the news wasn’t scary enough, doctors […]

The Youth Suicide Rate Is on the Rise, and This 23-Year-Old Who Attempted to Take Her Own Life Has Some Thoughts About Why

On New Year’s Eve in 2017, Kaitlyn Buchko felt like everyone in the world was celebrating except for her. Most other 21-year-olds were out celebrating the first New Year's they could legally order drinks at a bar, but not Buchko. She was at home with her parents—and she wasn’t planning on making it to 2018.  Buchko, […]

This Mom’s Photo of Eating While Breastfeeding Is Going Viral Because It’s So Relatable

Motherhood means giving up a lot of me time, and even the most basic tasks are constantly interrupted by the wants and needs of kids. With this in mind, mother-of-two Katie Poirier decided to give a super relatable shout-out to other busy mamas by sharing a hilarious photo that truly depicts the struggle.  On October 9, Poirier […]

Pippa Middleton Says Cranial Osteopathy Helped Calm Her 1-Year-Old Son—But What Is It?

The Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister, Pippa Middleton, has embraced an alternative therapy known as cranial osteopathy for her 1-year-old son. “Soon after Arthur was born last year, I heard a few mums talking about seeing a cranial osteopath,” the 36-year-old wrote in her Waitrose Weekend magazine column over the weekend, per People. “It’s a […]

Here’s How the Brain Makes Memories—and What You Can Do to Keep Your Mind Sharp

There’s a popular misconception that memory is like a file box in the brain—that we put away our recollections and then look them up when we need them. But that’s not actually how it works. Scientists suspect memories are stored in diffuse networks of neurons all over the brain; when you remember something, bits of […]

Lisa Rinna Posts a Close-up Look at Her Insanely Toned Abs on Instagram

Lisa Rinna is supporting a worthy cause in the sexiest way possible. Last week, the 57-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star posted photos of herself in her bra and underwear. In the caption, she reminded her followers that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and urged them to support a cancer research fund. The feedback she got […]

This Lady Gaga Self-Care Meme Is Just What You Need to See This Week

ICYMI, Lady Gaga is currently killing the self-care game. The "Shallow" singer, 33, has been sharing some of her best self-care moments on social media. Followers have seen her lounging on a floaty in her pool while wearing a face mask, going for a swim in a chic pink swimsuit, and unwinding in ice baths post-show. With so much […]

Hyperhidrosis Is a Disorder That Makes Me Sweat Constantly—and I’ve Finally Learned to Live With It

Do you wear light-colored shirts without fear of getting sweaty pit stains? Do you shake hands with confidence because your palms are perfectly dry? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then consider yourself lucky. I envy you. That’s because I have hyperhidrosis, a condition that causes me to perspire a lot more than the […]

Influencer Shares Body Transformation Photos to Prove the ‘Journey Isn’t Linear’

Like most women, Jo Encarnacion has seen her body change shape and size over the years. But despite all the shifts, this San Francisco-based lifestyle blogger and life coach isn't bashing herself. Instead, she's celebrating her acceptance of these changes by posting about them on Instagram. RELATED: This Influencer's "Before-and-After" Reveals the Problem With Butt Transformation Photos On […]