This Influencer Flaunted Her Cellulite in a Bikini to Shut Down Liposuction Rumors

Body positivity comes in all shapes and sizes, and one Instagram influencer is out here reminding us of that. On Thursday, Ioana Chira, a plus-size Instagram influencer, took to social media to open up about some of the heartbreaking bullying she’s received, as well as her empowering response to those trolls.  The fitness blogger, at […]

Sarah Hyland’s Latest Photo Gives a Close Up Look at Her Surgery Scars

Sarah Hyland’s got scars, but she’s showing the world they’re nothing to be ashamed of. The Modern Family actress took to Instagram on Thursday, May 23, to show off the scars on her stomach following her kidney transplant— and gave a shout out to Ellen DeGeneres while doing so. RELATED: Sarah Hyland Likes Working Out […]

Elle Fanning Wore a Corset Dress so Tight She Fainted— Here’s Why Waist Cinchers Are Dangerous for Your Health

Elle Fanning graced the Cannes Film Festival red carpet on Monday wearing a stunning pale pink Prada gown. But she seems to have gone for style over comfort when picking her look. The actress, 21, fainted during the event, possibly because of her skin-tight corset dress.  According to Variety, the actress was attending the Chopard Trophee […]

This Woman Had a Hernia in Her Groin that Enveloped Her Ovary

When a 41-year-old woman reported to the emergency room because of sudden pain in her groin, doctors discovered a rare condition that required surgery right away: a femoral hernia that contained an “incarcerated ovary.” The details of her case were published this week in BMJ Case Reports. Well, that sounds terrifying. But what exactly do […]

What Is Cystic Fibrosis? This Genetic Disease Affects Every System In the Body

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a complex, life-threatening disease that affects many organs in the body, including the lungs, kidneys, and gastrointestinal tract. It’s caused by a genetic mutation that causes a certain protein to stop working. When this happens, chloride—a mineral that’s vital to cellular hydration—can’t move to the surface of cells, prompting mucus to […]

Tess Holliday’s Tattoos Are on Full Display in This Close-Up Photo of Her in the Bathtub

If you look up body positivity in the dictionary, you'll see a picture of Tess Holliday's face. OK, not really, but she's the definition of the term in our books. If you don't already know why, just take a look at her latest Instagram.  "I'm a literal work of art," Holliday wrote alongside a close-up shot of her […]

How to Stop Negative Thoughts and Think More Clearly

You've Marie Kondo'd your closet, or at least thought about doing it—and you strive to keep the rest of your home nice and neat. But your mental space? Let’s just say it can get a little cluttered too. Everyday worries (Why hasn’t Alex called me back?) and subconscious preoccupations (I can’t believe I just ate […]

A Psychologist Explains Why People Gossip—and the Reason Might Surprise You

Everybody gossips. Sure, we like to think that our daily conversations are strictly productive idea exchanges and debates about life’s unanswered questions. But in reality, we all talk about other people. In fact, a new study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science found that the typical person spends about 52 minutes per day […]

The FDA Issued a Tattoo Ink Recall—Here’s What You Need to Know

Six types of commercially available tattoo inks have been contaminated with harmful bacteria, the FDA said in a statement this week. The administration is urging consumers to pause before getting any new tattoos and tattoo artists to confirm they’re not using any of the recalled ink. The government became aware of the contaminated ink after […]

Lovebug Insect Season is Upon Us—Here’s What You Need to Know

For many in the United States, May and September mean lovebug season. The lovebug, also known as Plecia nearctica, is a fly species that’s found throughout Southern states in both the fall and spring. The bug has been in the news lately because it’s been ruining vacations. This made us wonder about how the insect […]