Exactly What to Eat When You Have Diarrhea, According to an Expert

We all know that diarrhea can strike at the absolute worst of times—like on days when you have a big meeting at work, when you’re going on a date, or when you’re supposed to meet your friends at a concert. Sure, diarrhea can be a sign of something more serious (if it lasts more than […]

Botched Circumcision Leads to Penis Amputation for Baby Boy

From cord blood banking to baby naming ceremonies, parents of newborns have a bevy of key decisions to make when it comes to medical procedures and religious and/or cultural practices. For instance, as soon as a couple learns they're having a boy, they might find themselves grappling with the decision to circumcise—or not. It's an individual, personal decision for […]

7 of the Most Dramatic Fitness Instagram ‘Relaxed vs. Posed’ Snaps

Instagram can be a phenomenal resource for health and fitness inspiration at times. It can also, however, be tinged with toxic, underhandedly negative messaging. It’s especially crucial to understand that a lot of the pictures and posts we see on the popular social media platform can easily be manipulated to show “ideal” results. Which is […]

A Heat Wave Is Expected to Sweep The Nation This Weekend—Here’s How to Stay Cool

A major heat wave is expected to spread across the US and is causing excessive heat advisories in 22 states. According to the Washington Post, 48 states are expecting temperatures of 95 degrees and above over the weekend. Most of us probably can’t hang out next to the AC all weekend, but there are still […]

Katie Sturino Gets Real About Thigh Chafing, Body Confidence, and Her #MakeMySize Movement

What prompted you to launch your company? I created Megababe because when I looked for products to combat chafe, everything was cheesy or geared toward men and athletes. I wanted something that was for women—for a girl who’s wearing a skirt, who’s walking to work, and who doesn’t want to chafe. It’s funny, people who […]

Serena Williams’s Harper’s Bazaar Cover Comes With Important Message About Being Body Shamed

  Serena Williams never fails to wow us, but her latest magazine feature may just be our favorite Serena moment yet. The tennis champ was chosen to be the cover girl for Harper’s Bazaar’s August 2019 issue—and while her dripping-gold look is impressive, her message about overcoming adversity and standing up for herself is truly […]

Amanda Seyfried Apologizes to Arielle Charnas For Supporting a Body-Shaming Message Against Her

ICYMI: Earlier this week, influencer Arielle Charnas posted mirror selfie while wearing a bikini. The shot showed off her toned stomach, and the caption reads, “Proud of my body after two kids.” Amanda Seyfried’s friend commented on the post, calling out the mom for promoting her “unhealthy body image.” Seyfried shared a screenshot of the […]

Sorry Amanda Seyfried, Your Message to Arielle Charnas Isn’t Body Positive—It’s Hateful

Body positivity is a super trendy movement, one lots of celebrities rightfully support. But as a recent social media spat between a major actress and a popular influencer reveals, some A-listers aren't body positive and are still okay with body shaming. Here's what you need to know: Earlier this week, Instagram influencer Arielle Charnas shared a mirror selfie while wearing […]

Diagnostic Errors Make Up One-Third of Serious Malpractice Claims, Study Shows

Being misdiagnosed is even more of a problem then we thought. According to an alarming new study, misdiagnosis is to blame in roughly one-third (34%) of malpractice cases where death or permanent disability has occurred. Misdiagnosis is not only the most common medical error, but the most costly and most dangerous, the study also found.  Researchers from Johns Hopkins University analyzed more than […]