This 21-Year-Old Student Is Accused of Persuading Her Boyfriend to Kill Himself—but Why Would Someone Do That?

Introducing Health's new column, Why Would Someone Do That? Here, psych experts decipher the reasons behind the most puzzling human behavior mysteries. Alexander Urtula was supposed to walk in the commencement ceremony at Boston College on May 20 of this year. He never made it to the stage. Instead, 90 minutes before the ceremony, with […]

What Are Caffeine Pills—And Are They Safe? 

As a student, I know caffeine pills run rampant on college campuses. Since we’re always on the go, popping a pill can be far more convenient than waiting in line for a cup of coffee. Caffeine pills are easily accessible, portable, and cheap. You can buy a 100-count bottle of 200-milligram pills on Amazon or […]

This Influencer Just Shared Side-by-Side Bikini Pics to Celebrate Her ‘Imperfections’

Georgie Thomas is an Instagram influencer who built her following by chronicling her journey toward body confidence. A recent post took a look at something fans dealing with their own body acceptance issues may not have realized: how a person's body can look dramatically bigger or smaller, depending on a slight change in camera angle. […]

Kate Beckinsale Hits Back at Trolls Who Say She’s Too Old to Post Bikini Pics

How old is too old to share swimsuit pics online? Correct answer: It’s not even something that should be a matter of debate. However, according to a few of Kate Beckinsale’s Instagram followers, 46 is definitely on the wrong side of the line. They may––fortunately––be in the minority, but their opinions have caused a stir […]

Actor Josh Brolin Reveals ‘Crazy’ Sunburn After Trying New Butt Sunning Trend

Remember just a few days ago when it was revealed to the world that people were actually exposing their buttholes to the sun? Now, it seems that celebrities are hopping on the butt–sunning bandwagon—and they're getting some painful results. Josh Brolin, one of the stars of Avengers: Endgame, revealed on Instagram that he recently tried […]

Doctor Saves Traveler’s Life by Sucking Urine from Man’s Bladder During Mid-Flight Emergency

A Chinese doctor had to think on his feet when a passenger on his flight suffered a medical emergency. Zhang Hong, a surgeon from the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University in Guangzhou, saved an elderly man’s life by sucking urine from the traveler’s blocked bladder during a medical emergency, South China Morning Post reported […]

Iskra Lawrence’s Latest Post Will Help Anyone Feeling Triggered by the Holidays Cope

Iskra Lawrence has been open about her past struggles with disordered eating, and now she has an important message for people who might be going through the same thing. In a candid new Instagram post, Lawrence shared a photo of herself now side-by-side with a photo of herself when she was likely struggling with disordered eating. In […]

Miroslava Duma Reveals She Has Rare Lung Disease: ‘I Was Given 7 Months to Live’

Miroslava Duma has let her 1.6 million Instagram followers into a pretty major secret: she has been battling a rare lung disease. In a lengthy post on Sunday, she revealed that she was given just 7 months to live when she was diagnosed earlier this year. “It was crazy scary then, but looking back, I […]

This Woman Was Born With Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy—and Now She’s a Full-Time Model

Health's series This Is Me is about owning who you are and defying ridiculous societal expectations of beauty. We're not here to meet your standards, we're here to break them. Show us how beautiful you are! Tag us on Instagram: @healthmagazine  #ThisIsMe  Janira Obregon has spent her entire life proving that just because she uses a wheelchair, her drive to reach […]

So, Perineum Sunning is a Thing Now—Here’s Why Doctors Definitely Don’t Want You to Try It

From sitting over a pot of boiling water to steam the vagina, to sticking jade eggs you-know-where, “wellness” trends involving the genitals don’t seem to want to die. Now, there’s another one to add to that list: “perineum sunning.” Yes, you heard that right. In recent months, the new “self-care” method—aka “butthole sunning”—has started to […]