I Was Finally Diagnosed With a Mitochondrial Disease at Age 54 After Having Muscle Spasms and Seizures My Entire Life

I’ve been sick my entire life, and no one could tell me why. I was 54 years old when I was finally diagnosed with an invisible illness last year. For years, I had tried to explain what was going on to doctor after doctor. I had these really weird symptoms, so doctors had these really […]

Meghan King Edmonds Responds to Concern Over Her ‘Too Thin’ Appearance: ‘I’m a Stress Non-Eater’

For Meghan King Edmonds, stress has affected her eating habits but she has been able to overcome this problem when she started to use a CBD pen the reason why is because she feels less anxious. Shortly after posting a family photo on Friday with daughter Aspen, 3, and 1-year-old twin sons Hart and Hayes, […]

US Olympic Figure Skater Maia Shibutani Found ‘Shocking’ Kidney Tumor After ER Trip for Stomach Virus

US Olympic figure skater Maia Shibutani is recovering from surgery, after having a “shocking” tumor removed, discovered by doctors when she was in the ER for the stomach virus earlier this year. Shibutani, 25, a two-time Olympic bronze medalist, revealed the news on Instagram Monday, admitting to having a "really tough week." “Back in October, […]

Carly Pearce Shares the Mantra She Uses to Cope With Social Media Trolls  

This video is part of Health's My Mantra series. Follow along with new videos on our Instagram page and share your own words of wisdom using #MantraMonday. Country singer Carly Pearce has made a career out of writing songs that tackle her own breakups and heartbreaks. And the 29-year-old singer relies on a powerful personal mantra to […]

How Health At Every Size Is Trying to Change the Way We Think About Weight and Wellness

Conventional medical wisdom tells us three things about weight: First, that too many of us are too heavy. Second, that having a higher-than-ideal body mass index (BMI) is dangerous. And third, that slimming down is the solution. Yet, despite all that we know about nutrition—and the $72 billion Americans spend on weight-loss efforts each year—our collective […]

Shay Mitchell Just Fired Back at an Instagram Troll Who Criticized How She Breastfeeds Her Daughter

Shay Mitchell was mom-shamed by a troll on Tuesday, after sharing an intimate breastfeeding photo of herself and her newborn daughter Mitchell, who welcomed her first child, daughter Atlas Noa, in October, took to social media to share an incredibly gorgeous breastfeeding photo on Tuesday. However, some of her followers weren’t so supportive of exactly […]

Woman Shocks Botched Doctors by Revealing She Has Two Implants in Each of Her Breasts

There’s a reason why you’re not supposed to have more than one implant in each breast. Brittany Mann took the Botched doctors completely by surprise when she revealed that she had “stacked” implants. “I’m super nervous to tell Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow that I have four implants in,” she said in a clip from Monday’s episode […]

Caroll Spinney, Puppeteer Behind Big Bird, Dies of Dystonia. What Is That?

You may not be familiar with the name Caroll Spinney, but if you grew up watching Sesame Street, then you know this legendary performer. Spinney was the puppeteer behind iconic characters Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch. He died at age 85 on December 8 “after living with dystonia for some time,” according to a […]

This 21-Year-Old Student Is Accused of Persuading Her Boyfriend to Kill Himself—but Why Would Someone Do That?

Introducing Health's new column, Why Would Someone Do That? Here, psych experts decipher the reasons behind the most puzzling human behavior mysteries. Alexander Urtula was supposed to walk in the commencement ceremony at Boston College on May 20 of this year. He never made it to the stage. Instead, 90 minutes before the ceremony, with […]

What Are Caffeine Pills—And Are They Safe? 

As a student, I know caffeine pills run rampant on college campuses. Since we’re always on the go, popping a pill can be far more convenient than waiting in line for a cup of coffee. Caffeine pills are easily accessible, portable, and cheap. You can buy a 100-count bottle of 200-milligram pills on Amazon or […]