Friends Wear Matching Bikinis in Different Sizes to Shut Down Body Shamers

Watch out body shamers—social media influencers Dani Austin and Sarah Tripp are calling you out.

These two friends have gone viral for their matching Instagram posts in matching bikinis. Although they have very different body types, they've both dealt with cyber bullies who critique them in the most shallow way. Sick of these haters, they each took to Instagram to clap back at their critics and stick up for each other—and for all women of all shapes and sizes.

Austin often gets comments that she looks anorexic, while Tripp is constantly told she is overweight. “I’ve been shamed this same way for years, but on the other end of the scale,” wrote Tripp, the woman behind @sassyredlipstick.

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@Daniaustin stated that Tripp has been referred to as a “bad role model” because of her curvier shape. “It’s so rude and so ridiculous! I honestly can’t think of anyone who’s a better role model than Sarah,” Austin wrote.

Meanwhile Tripp uses her IG to tackle the trolls who shame Austin for her slim physique. Tripp wrote: “How sad is that?! One thing I know is that this beautiful woman is strong, healthy, and more importantly… much more than her body!”

No cyberbully is a match for these two friends. “We are ALL so much more than what you see on the outside and the truth is, we don’t need the approval of others to find our self-worth,” said Austin.

Tripp made it clear that she is very confident about her size. “I know that my self-worth does not depend on the size of my jeans or what other people say about me," she continued.

Austin encouraged all women to silence the haters that pop up on their own social media and hush anyone who tries to convince them they aren't enough. “Let’s all remember to love ourselves because empowered women empower women,” Austin said, and we couldn't agree more. 

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