This Mom Had the Best Response When an Instagram Troll Called Her Body ‘Disgusting’

Desiree Fortin is no stranger to Instagram trolls. She isn't afraid to post photos of her postpartum body online, and, unfortunately, dealing with negative comments comes with the territory. But she recently received a comment that was especially nasty: “Disgusting, I don’t know what husband would ever want to come home to that.”

First things first, if anything is disgusting, it's those words. But as we said before, Fortin is an Instagram pro, so she knew exactly how to put the troll in its place.

She posted a photo of her lying on the beach in a bikini before giving birth to triplets (yeah, she had triplets). Then, right below it, she added a shot of her postpartum tummy.

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In her caption, she starts out by saying her body has obviously changed a lot (as any mother's does), but there's more to the woman in the top photo than meets the eye. "She mastered shaming her body," Fortin wrote. "She had such a distorted idea of body image and struggled to understand self-love and self-care. She would look into the mirror and find everything wrong with her body and worked hard to fix it."

Sure, she might look like she had the "perfect" body, but that's not what she saw when she looked in the mirror. The woman in the bottom photo, however, is a different story.

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"She may not have the perfect tummy, gorgeous tan, and a stretch-mark-free body, BUT she has more confidence than she ever has in her life," she wrote. "She knows the value and meaning of embracing your new body and loving yourself. She takes care of herself by reminding her of the beauty in the body staring back at her in the mirror."

The woman in the bottom photo finds strength in the things others see as her flaws. Being able to carry a child (let alone three) is a gift, and with that gift may come a wrinkly stomach, stretch marks, and extra skin—but Fortin wouldn't trade it for the world.

"It takes time and daily affirmations of love and body positivity to really embrace your new body," she wrote. "Remember this, you’re on a journey. One day at a time, choose to see the beauty because it is there."

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